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Marching to a different beat - Contact-free solutions

EarlySense is a dynamic, rapidly growing company with proprietary, patented technology for continuous, contact-free detection, monitoring and analysis of heart and respiratory rates alongside body motion and sleep.

The EarlySense® system – the company’s flagship product in the medical market, has monitored more than 250,000 patients and operated for over 15,000,000 monitoring hours in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and homes around the world.

Leveraging our core technology, partnerships and more than ten years of experience in the medical devices industry, EarlySense is making its technology available to selected partners in the digital health space and home automation markets with myEarlySense™.

A unique sensor with advanced algorithms, analytics and big data capabilities, myEarlySense offers companies various implementation solutions for continuous, contact-free tracking for wellness, smart home and sleep improvement solutions.

For more information, please visit: www.earlysense.com

Clinically- Proven
Hard facts that back the notion of "an extra set of eyes and ears"

EarlySense’s technology has been validated in multiple clinical studies, which were published in prestigious medical literature. EarlySense’s technology was also proven to be highly accurate (accuracy> 90%)

The system has been embraced worldwide by nurses, physicians, hospitals, patients and their families who have come to regard our system as “an extra set of eyes and ears”.

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The Business Pulse

If one of the following parameters are relevant indicators to your product, or complement your solution, then we are your go-to company.

  • Heart and respiratory rates and their trends
  • Motion detection
  • Advanced personalized analytics
  • Accurate and detailed sleep analysis
  • Stress measurement

Endless business opportunities and propositions stem from these

We have the experience, passion and know-how to develop, integrate and deliver the sensing and analytics solution that best fits your market.
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