The science behind our technology

myEarlySense is able to detect and record mechanical signals continuously and completely contact-free thanks to its piezoelectric technology. Tucked under the mattress, the force exerted on the highly sensitive piezoelectric sensor stems from three sources: gross body movement, chest wall movement due to respiration, and recoil of the body due to heart pulse. These signals are collected and converted into electric signals by a transducer, which transfers them to smartphones or automated-home applications.

Detecting. Distinguishing. Delivering.

The detection algorithms of the myEarlySense system analyze the signals, differentiate between them and extract the required information to obtain continuous heart, respiratory and body movement rates, sleep patterns and trends.

Sensor Specifications

Diameter: 155mm
Weight: 150g


HR, RR and Sleep Quality parameters


Sync Method:
Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Compatibility: Supports Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 4 and iPhone 6.0, 6+ (More will be available in the near future)
  • Displays heart and respiratory rates in real time
  • The sleep score and sleep analysis includes: sleep efficiency, sleep onset, wake after sleep onset, deep and REM sleep percentages
  • Hypnogram: A display of full sleep cycles (stages)
  • Smart Alarm Clock: optimal wake-up time
  • Persistent snooze (keep snoozing until you actually leave the bed)
  • Display of trends of daily averaged heart and respiratory rates and sleep score
  • Advanced notifications on parameters change (heart and respiratory rates, etc.)
  • Tips that can help to improve sleep efficiency
  • Calendar – track your sleep over time
  • A nutrition and fitness diary
  • Home appliance control
  • Stress levels monitoring
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